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Our Cyber Safety workshops program compliments our Mobile Support program through engaging workshops that offer peer education on privacy, security and navigating online relationships, delivered in conjunction with a pro-social mentoring opportunity.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure young people are properly equipped to navigate the online world with skill and confidence, and that this is necessary to ensure they get the full benefit from their device. 

We work directly with our community partners to design and host custom workshops that meet the digital needs of their clients, and offer a variety of social activities including bowling, rock-climbing, and virtual reality. For our youth justice community partners, most workshops are completely free. 

Current Pilots

These are our pilot programs - currently in prototype stage.

We are testing them out for impact and community demand in the real world.


Digital Wellbeing workshops further develop cyber skills to consider the physical and emotional impact of phone use, and ask the participants to reflect on how often they use their device and how it impacts them in the short and long term. We consider what is 'digital wellness', and how can we build it into our daily life?

We cover topics such as smartphone and technology addictions, and how too much use can impact sleep and performance at school and other daily activities. 

Digital Wellbeing workshops are suited to school or other youth groups who want to improve their digital wellbeing while learning about the use of technology across the social impact sector, and supporting a local charitable group. 

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