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Improving social and judicial outcomes for
West Australian
young people involved in the
justice system.

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We believe there is a better way to manage and support young people in the system, and make our communities safer at the same time.

We are a social impact innovation agency dedicated to serving the young people and communities involved in criminal justice.

Our Programs

Exciting things are happening here...

Read more about Hello Initiative's innovative
programs & pilots.

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Corporate Volunteering

Your team could have a life-changing impact in a child's life

During the 4-hour workshop, HI will bring mobile phones that need repair before they are supplied
to our Mobile Support Program (MSP).

What your business can gain:

- Team bonding opportunity.

- Build employee morale and motivation.

- Make a meaningful contribution to Western Australian young people.

- Your team will learn about e-waste and HI's MSP.

- The opportunity for your company to gain positive recognition from external stakeholders.

Team Meeting

Our partners

Thank you to our amazing partners for their ongoing support.

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