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Youth Justice Innovation

Advisory Council

The Youth Justice Innovation Advisory Council (YJIAC) is our most innovative project yet.

Through quarterly meetings with young people engaged in the WA youth justice system the YJIAC will provide consumer insight and feedback, identify key challenges young people in youth justice face, and support the delivery of high-impact social impact programs. 

This is the first Youth Advisory Council specific to the youth justice system within WA. 


The aim of the council is to understand and gather feedback and insights from young people. By doing so we hope to identify the key challenges that young people face whilst being engaged in the youth justice system. From this, we will identify the key intervention points where programs could improve social and judicial outcomes for young people. 


By establishing the YJIAC, young people will have the opportunity to self advocate. We will be creating an open space for greater relationship building between the justice system, community of service providers, the general community and young people themselves.


This project is important because in order to deliver services that best meet the needs of young people in youth justice, we need to listen to their voices. Young people’s voices do not currently have a platform in the community services sector, but through the YJIAC we are creating this advocacy pathway.


  • Provides an opportunity for young people to self-advocate and creates a greater dialogue between ‘the system’, the community of service providers, and the young people involved in the youth justice sector.

  • Supports young people to learn from their experiences instead of being defined by them.

  • Empowers young people with the knowledge to navigate their individual journeys.

  • Assists young people in developing independent living skills, feeling a connection to the community and utilising their voice knowing it will be heard and taken seriously.

  • Provides an opportunity for Hello Initiative to gain valuable insight to incorporate into services that cater to young people in the justice system. 


We’re currently recruiting young people to sit on the YJIAC.

The first session was held at the end of January 2023 and sessions run quarterly. Referrals are open for young people aged between 15-18 who are currently engaged in the youth justice system and have been for at least 6 months, or have recently completed their engagement with youth justice (within the last 6-months).


This is a paid opportunity, all young people who participate will earn a $50 gift card per session.


Complete the Nomination Form below to nominate yourself or a client.

For more information about the program, contact our team:

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