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Mission, Vision and Values

Get to Know Us

Young people in WA who become involved in the criminal justice system can find themselves stuck in the revolving door of justice as punitive measures fail to change attitudes and young lives become marked by repeated and systemic engagement in the system. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for a fair and equitable justice system that supports young people and their families to make better choices and build a better future for their community.


We believe in learning from mistakes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the social and judicial outcomes for young people involved in criminal justice in Western Australia.


We do this by providing support relevant to the real world.

Our Values


We are KIND in our perspective and we seek to understand our clients, our stakeholders and our community. 

We deal in the business of justice.


We are CURIOUS to try new things and believe there is always a better way. 

We seek to spark new ideas and embed innovation in a fractured system.


We are BOLD in the way we design our supports and the way we do business. 

We do not accept the status quo. 

Banksia Hill Detention Centre is our only youth detention facility in WA.
53% of young people who leave Banksia Hill will be back within 2 years. 

The legislation in WA dictates young people should be sentenced to the community wherever possible
- but only 58% of young people will successfully complete a community order.
This is where the cycles of offending behaviour and lifelong engagement with the justice system begin.

It is not good enough. 

Hello Initiative are here to get real about the hard stuff, speak up for young people and their families, and make our community safer at the same time.

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