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Change Lives in 4-Hours

Corporate Volunteering Perth

Are you searching for a way to enhance team cohesion while making a meaningful contribution to some of Perth's most vulnerable young people's well-being? Look no further!

Don't let hectic schedules deter your team's aspiration to effect positive change. Our Corporate Volunteering Sessions are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate into your workday (we travel to you and deliver the workshop on site).


Join in with our fulfilling 4-hour workshops, where your team can bond and learn about e-waste while refurbishing damaged mobile phones.

Download our Corporate Volunteering Workshop Brochure here.

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Your team could have a life-changing impact in a child's life in just 4-hours.



At Hello Initiative we provide practical support to some of WA's most vulnerable young people. This includes supplying refurbished mobile phones to young people serving a community order. Providing these mobile phones not only diverts that e-waste from landfill, but also empowers kids to meet their court order requirements and avoid detention. 



4-hour corporate volunteering workshop. We will bring mobile phones that need repair before they are supplied to our Mobile Support Program. 



We will provide 1-2 knowledgeable facilitators for groups of up to 12 volunteers. If you have more than 12 people looking to volunteer, we will book multiple workshops over the week at times that suit your team members. 



We will travel to your worksite at a time that suits you, just get in touch to find out more. 

Our Corporate Volunteering workshops are hassle-free 

The Techiest Corporate Volunteering Workshop in Perth

Our unique approach eliminates the hassle of logistical arrangements and travel costs, as we bring the volunteering experience directly to your worksite.


We are all busy, with our workshops spanning just half a day, your team members won't have to sacrifice an entire workday, ensuring minimal disruption to their work schedules.

Engage in hands-on, tech-focused activities that delve into the world of e-waste and empower participants to acquire valuable skills in phone repair. Not only will your team contribute to a greener future by reducing e-waste, but they'll also gain practical knowledge that extends beyond the workshop, empowering them to mend their own mobile phones at home. Experience the blend of community impact and skill enrichment – all within the comfort of your own workspace.

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Booking a Corporate Volunteering Workshop with HI

  1. Consider your total participant numbers, and preferred date(s) and time(s).

  2. Contact us using the form below or contact or Corporate Volunteering Coordinator Arlen directly by emailing

  3. Let us know your booking numbers, preferred date(s) and time(s), your office location, and any questions you have.

  4. Our Corporate Volunteering Coordinator Arlen will get back to you ASAP to answer your questions and provide a quote.

  5. Book in the session by paying a non-refundable deposit.

  6. Get ready for a transformative 4-hour session on your chosen day.

  7. Wrap up the session and contribute to a brighter future for some of WA's most vulnerable young people!

Curious? Get in touch, today!

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Thanks for contacting us about our Corporate Volunteering Workshop. We will be in touch with you shortly!

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