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Court Breakfast


It's hard trying to focus at the best of times on an empty tummy...

That's where the Court Breakfast Program (CBP) comes in!

By providing a nutritious breakfast, the CBP looks to enhance young people's attendance and engagement in court.

Rolling surveys found that 42% of young people* never ate breakfast before court - we wanted to help address that.

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Hello Initiative drop the food to court weekly

Our team deliver a range of nutritious food at the start of each week. 
This can include fresh fruit, juice boxes, muesli bars and banana bread to name a few...

And don't forget the Up n Go!

Breakfast is provided 

The court welfare volunteers hand out the brekkie items to W.A. young people in the court - as we all know, food is fuel!

When surveyed, 98% of young people* identified that the CBP made it easier for them to wait for their court appearance.

*Refer to Hello Initiative Annual Report 2022


Hello Initiative delivers this program in partnership with the Perth Children’s Court of Western Australia and a team of Court Welfare Volunteers.

This program is modelled on similar food relief programs delivered in schools, and is designed to support young people as well as their families to attend court and engage with the staff and the judicial process to improve long term outcomes


"Since the introduction of the CBP young people attending the Court are engaging very positively with the program.

Young people are happier to attend court, the experience is less upsetting for many of those who are given breakfast and they are better engaged and listen to what they are told in court."


- His Honour Judge Hylton Quail

President of the Perth Children’s Court

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