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Youth justice deserves the same innovation investment as health, education and other social impact services. 

Learn more about why we believe change needs to happen.

CIRCUIT BREAKER is our in-house innovation program that seeks to capture ideas from industry and implement practical solutions to challenges faced by the clients and stakeholders in youth justice. 

We offer three innovation pathways.

1) Idea capture and management.

We collect feedback from industry on where there are gaps in support, and what practical challenges young people are facing. We collect ideas from the people on the ground, who know what's what.

Do you have an idea that could improve our youth justice sector, or provide a critical service to young people and their families involved in the system?

If you have an idea spark, we want to hear about it - no matter how small or how wild your idea might be.

2) Prototype and Pilot Development.

We take ideas and assess them for viability - and if we believe they've got the goods, we trial them in the real world. Our partners across the justice and social services sector support us to launch small scale trials to bring left-of-field ideas to life. 

3) Industry Upskill in Human Centred Design.

We want to instill lasting capacity in the sector and the people who live and work here. We offer regular pro-bono training in Human-Centred Design to youth justice agencies and employees to address some of the most wicked problems we face.

Our innovation engine room

Circuit Breaker


Hello Initiative offers bespoke consulting packages for Human Centred Design for social impact.

We work with both justice and non-justice agencies.

For ideas and design support to make the world better, reach out to discuss how we might be able to work with you.

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