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Our commitment to eco-responsible business.


Guided by our strong ethos of sustainability, Hello Initiative is  determined to give back to the community, not only by providing support to vulnerable young people but by being an environmentally friendly solution to the growing problem of electronic waste, known as ‘e-waste’.


Through our flagship program Mobile Support, we divert disused mobile devices from landfill by diverting recycled and repaired mobile phones to young people currently involved in WA’s justice system – giving the phones a new lease on life while providing a service to those in need.


       Our sustainability goals are not incidental to our aim of addressing access and equity challenges in youth justice, but a primary aim in itself.


Our purpose and actions are grounded as equally in environmental concerns as they are in social ones. 


For most Australians, mobile phones are an essential part of everyday life. Nearly nine out of ten Australians own a smartphone [1]. The sheer number of mobile phones produced means that there is a growing, worldwide e-waste problem where valuable resources are going to landfill. Mobile Muster estimates that there are 25 million unused phones being stored in Australian homes. 20 million of these are still working and reusable [2].


We recognise that there are two problems in the eco-system where we work.


1. Given mobile phones are essential for the average Australian, those Australians who do not have access to a mobile device are at a clear disadvantage; and


2. An excessive number of mobile devices will end up in landfill.


HI has devised a simple way in which to tackle both of these problems: taking old, unused devices, repairing them, and donating them to those Australians who need them most. 


The average lifespan of a mobile phone in Australia is only 22 months [3]. The young people on our program can use the device for less than 2 years in order to effectively double the lifespan of the device.  If a device on our program breaks, we endeavour to repair it before providing a new (recycled) one.


Our approach to re-using resources in our community to make a social impact is how we make a mindful and conscious effort towards a more sustainable community, and deliver eco-responsible business.


Hello Initiative can work your school, community group of business to organise a device collection drive. To find out more about how you can help and work with us, click below: 




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