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Please join us for the screening of Incarceration Nation

Join Hello Initiative for a screening of Incarceration Nation at Bloom at St Catherine's College, UWA.

Incarceration Nation is the beginning of a journey to create conversations and change. The vision for the campaign around the film is to tell the truth of our history, and dismantle the racist systems upheld by state and federal Governments that continue to harm First Nations People today. Because systems are built by people. And we have the power to change them. Together, let’s build a better future. Join us to  Raise Your Voice about the issues in the film.

Please note - this film is M RATED and has content warnings. Learn more about the film by clicking here.

This film contains confronting and distressing footage of violence, death, and police brutality. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the film contains images and voices of people who have passed, and images that may be traumatising.

This is a free and catered event, with pizza generously provided by Bloom. 

Date: Thursday 13th April 2023


6.00pm: Doors open 

7.00pm: Documentary commences 

8.30pm: Networking 

9.00pm: Event concludes 

Address: Bloom at St Catherine's College, UWA (2 Park Rd, Crawley WA)

Reserve your free ticket: Ticket link

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