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Donating your old fleet phones?

Thanks for thinking about donating your fleet phones to Hello Initiative! Hello Initiative is 100% committed to helping businesses safely donate their devices while maintaining complaince with all relevant standards, legislation, and best practice. We created this FAQ page to answer some of your questions. However, if you want to have an in-depth conversation please contact our COO Chris at

What about my staffs information on my phone?

We need all the data deleted from the phones before we receive them. There are instructions below, or if you need help with this please contact us at If you have installed a Mobile Device Management system on your devices, you will need to work with your IT department/fleet provider to remove this system. Apple: Samsung: Android:

Does factory resetting/erasing my phone actually delete everything?

In short, yes. Modern phones are very careful with your data. Everything that's on your phone is protected by a secret encrypted password that only your phone knows. When you erase your phone, that password is deleted and as a result your information is no longer accessible. When you delete everything off your phone, all of your important information like contacts, passwords, and any digital bank cards should be backed up to your iCloud/Google account. See the first question for links that explain how to back everything up.

Isn't my data safer if I just destroy the phone

Technically, yes. However, it is possible to wipe a hard drive in a way that "destroys" the data making it completely impossible to recover. This service is not free, but neither is paying an e-waste recycler to destroy a device. Hello Initiative has partners who can help with this process.

What if my ISO standard/policy/IT department requires devices to be destroyed after use?

This used to be best practice for data security, however modern data wiping software has removed the need to needlessly destroy perfectly good tech. Hello Initiative can help you navigate these difficulties. Please contact for assistance.

Do you take broken phones?

Yep! We've worked very hard to build an in-house refurbishment team who can get your broken phone back in working order. If you have any questions about this process please contact us at

Are there any phones you don't take?

Nope! We'll take any phone you're willing to give to us. Once we've got it we'll make sure we can use it on our program. If we can't, we'll take it to an accredited e-waste recycler.

Do all of the phones go to young people?

HI endeavours to use every device they receive. If it can't be used because it's too damaged/too old it gets donated. If it can't be used because it's too new, we'll hold onto it until it's suitable for the program.

Does donating devices count as a tax deductible gift?

Unfortunately not! Donating a mobile device would only count as a tax deductible gift if your business is selling mobile phones. See the ATO's website for more advice on this topic Hello Initiative is a deductible gift recipient though! Please reach out to if you want to make a donation.

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