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Mobile Support Program



1. In order to be eligible for referral, a client must consent to disclosure of their full name, date of birth and gender for the purposes of monitoring their progress and requirements on the program. This information will be stored securely in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.


1A. The client name may be disclosed to the WA Police or other emergency services if Hello Initiative (HI) reasonably believes it is in the clients best interest, or if HI is legally required to disclose the information. HI will make efforts where possible to direct the enquiry back to the referring worker.




2. Users must use the device for appropriate uses related to their productive progress through the criminal justice system. This may include contacting support workers and external support agencies. The device may also be used for reasonable and appropriate personal use. 

2A. Further to the above, HI will pass client's mobile phone numbers to their Youth Justice Officer (YJO) or relevant representative from their Youth Justice office. HI requires that referring workers co-operate with YJO's requests for mobile numbers.


2B. There is no allowance for additional mobile credit to be supplied for personal use such as data usage. 


3. Users must not use the device or mobile service for any illegal activities. In the instance that illegal activity using Hello Initiative provided resources is discovered, the mobile service will be disconnected and the clients re-acceptance onto the program will be suspended until further notice.




4. In the instance the device is damaged or broken, the client is to return the device to their referring worker as soon as possible for potential repair or replacement. 


5. In the instance the device is lost or stolen the client must advise their referring worker as soon as possible so it can be blocked from further usage. The referring agency must pass this information onto Hello Initiative immediately. 


6. As part of the HI Mobile Support program (HI MSP) youth workers are required to report to the relevant Community Liaison Officer the engagement status of the relevant client every month. A continual failure to report on a clients engagement status can have negative financial impacts on HI and may result in the Referral Partner being removed from the program.

7. At the completion or cancellation of a young persons engagement with the HI MSP, youth workers are required to complete an "Exit Form" detailing the young persons engagement with the HI MSP. This is a requirement of HI's funding from the Department of Justice and as such a continual failure to complete Exit Forms may result in the Referral Partner being removed from the program.




8. If the client disengages from the referring support program and is exited from the program, the agency must advise Hello Initiative immediately. The associated mobile service will cease to receive automatic recharges and will be disconnected after 28 days.


9. If the client wishes to retain the number they can advise their worker before disengaging with the program and Hello Initiative will facilitate where possible to organise the transfer of the service to the clients name. This will be subject to the discretion of Hello Initiative.


10. In the event of disengagement, reasonable efforts must be made by the referring team to recover the mobile device. If recovery is possible, the device must be returned to Hello Initiative.

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